How to hack email password to get your account back?

Don't waste your time with illegal hack email password methods if you have lost access to your account. Our legal software uses advanced methods to locate passwords that are saved on your computer in places such as the cache, RAM and hidden application folders. Our team has developed our software in response to the increasing number of people who have been a victim of hack email account password. Commonly, the hacked email account is by someone the victim knows, eg. a romantic or business partner. If the email password has been changed by someone who's PC you have access to, then our software can help.

How does the email hacker work?

Technically speaking, you are not 'hacking' anything. Many hacking technques are illegal and Passhack does not condone this or practice any illegal acts. Our software is completely legal and it uses advance scanning techniques to find passwords which are stored on the PC. Whenever you log into an email account, such as Gmail, outlook or hotmail, your computer leaves traces on the PC. This is common practice and allows your application such as internet browser or outlook to keep you logged in. Your computer creates a 'session' for which you don't need to keep entering your password in each time you go to a new page. Our software can detect previous 'sessions' on the PC and extract and hack email password for you. You then use this password along with the email address and you have access back!

You can run a trial of the software to test it out before. Just download a copy and run the installer as admin. Once installed you will need to enter your trial authentication code which we can provide you with. Once activated, the program will ask you to agree that you are using it to access your own account only. Trying to obtain unauthorised access to someone elses account is illegal in most countries. Once agreed, provide the details of the type of account you are looking for. For example a Gmail account password. Also provide how you have previously logged into this email account, eg. Chrome browser or the Outlook appliction on your PC. Provide an estimate to the last time you had success access to the email.

Click the 'scan now' button to begin the process. The software will then start scanning the PC for the most likely places to find previous traces of your password. This could be located in the RAM, software cache or hidden program folders. The scan can take anywhere from minutes up to an hour, depending on the size of your hard drive. It is also important to run the program as Admin to allow it access to all areas of the PC. When it has finished, it will display a list of all hack email account passwords it has found. It may have found logins to other accounts you didn't specify if they are for the same email provider. This is because our software can not search specific emails, it can only grab all password traces from that email provider. If you have other people using your PC for the same email serivice then we recommend consulting them first. The results will show 4 columns; the email provider, email, password and the date it was last logged in. You can now use this to log back into your account!

Can you hack Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo emails?

Yes! Our software works for any application you have used previously on your PC. This this makes it a Gmail hacker, Hotmail hacker, Outlook hacker, AOl hacker and a Yahoo hacker! If you log into your email through a browser, then our success rate depends on the specific browser you use as they all have different security polices. The Outlook or Thunderbird applications leave more traces on your system so these are more successful. Currently if you only use your mobile to access your email then our software won't work as it's only compatible with Microsoft Windows at this time. We are looking at developing a Mac version soon.

Is the software legal?

Yes! As we have said, this software does not actually hack emails. As long as you are using it to access your own account then it's perfectly fine to do. You own the account and therefore have the right to gain access to it.

How to create a secure email password?

Keeping your password secure is the most important step to prevent email hacker successfully hack email account password. We recommend searching online for the most common passwords and make sure you are not using anything on that list, or similar to it. Adding '123' to the end does not make it safe! If you use the same password for every email account then if someone gets access to one then they have access to all your accounts. The obvious suggestion here is to use unique passwords for each of your accounts. We understand it can become hard to remember so many but there are many password managers we recommend using to help with this. The worst thing you can do is write your passwords down somewhere as someone can easily find this. When choosing a password, we recommend using a minimum of 8 characters and using a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Simple words that exist in the dictionary can be quickly guessed by hackers as one of their methods is to try every word in the dictionary and then variations of this such as adding numbers to the end.

  • Forgot my password to an old email I really needed access to as it was linked to my PayPal. Amazed this tool could find it as it was so old!

    Jamie Lawrence

  • My ex-partner changed my email password and many other accounts when we broke up. Fortunately, I was able to use your software to get my email back!

    Lily Lowe

  • After a disagreement my business partner changed our email password to lock me out, but he didn't know services like you existed, so I'm back in control, thanks :)

    Dean Edwards

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